Seasoned Panko Blends to Excite Your Menu

To create our Seasoned Panko we start with Upper Crust Enterprises Authentic Japanese Panko and mix it with diverse ingredients to create unique flavorful blends. The result is the light, crispy texture of authentic Panko with a unique tasty twist to excite your menu. Upper Crust Enterprises offers Seasoned Panko blends like Italian-style Panko. Looking for something more creative? We can customize a formula just for your restaurant.

Custom Blends for industrial and high volume chains

Let us create a custom blend Panko or Batter mix to fit your individual needs. Our R&D team can spice and season our products to your specifications. Put our R&D team to work for you, and turn your breaded and battered recipes into your exclusive products. Contact us today.

Italian-style Seasoned Panko

Italian-style Seasoned Panko breadcrumbs will stay crispy longer and hold up to sauce much longer compared to standard Italian bread crumbs. Excellent for fried cheese sticks, or as a filler in meathballs and meatloaf.

Recipe Suggestions

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    Enhance Taste with Texture

    Eating is an experience and taste buds can get bored if the flavor or the textures are too uniform. A dish as simple as Mac and Cheese is a perfect example of how texture influences taste. The creamy texture of the dish is great, but after a few bites, your taste buds start looking for...
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    Langosta con Relleno de Panko

    Caliente la parrilla del horno a 400°F. Use langostas vivas, parta por la mitad a lo largo. Coloquelas en una hoja para hornear y dore por 5-6 minutos hasta que la carne este opaca. Sofrie cebolla, apio, pimenton verde y rojo, ajo y Upper Crust Autentico Panko (codigo 01020) en mantequilla por 3 minutos. Baje...
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    Panko Fish Sandwich (Video)

    Panko Fish Sandwich – Cut 3 ounce portions of a firm white fish such as Pacific cod. Instead of water, use ice cold beer to make the prepared Tempura Batter (code 07230) with the consistency of a thin pancake batter. Dust fish in dry Tempura Batter mix, dip in prepared Tempura Batter, and roll in...

Request samples and let us help you bring truly authentic Panko to your restaurant.

Take the challenge, replace your standard Panko with Upper Crust Enterprises Authentic Japanese Panko and win big with your customers, we guarantee it.

Product Specifications

Available in package sizes to suit your restaurant's needs, Upper Crust Enterprises Panko has the right size for you.

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