All Natural Panko.
No preservatives, no additives,
GMO free, & Trans-Fat free

All Natural Panko is made with unbleached, un-enriched wheat flour, Organic evaporated cane sugar, yeast and sea salt. It contains no preservatives, no chemical additives, is non-GMO, Trans Fat free and good for vegetarian or vegan recipes.

Same great authentic Panko you would expect, but in an All Natural formula. Available in three grind sizes – Extra Large, Medium, and Fine.

Use All Natural Panko in All Your Applications

Top crusted Mac & cheese with Panko 00120
Top Crusted Mac & Cheese with All Natural Panko
Fried Panko Shrimp on Skewer
Fried Shrimp on Skewer
Raw Panko 00120
Extra Large Crumb Panko
Large Crumb Panko
Medium Crumb Panko

Multiple Grind Sizes, Endless Uses

Upper Crust Enterprises' All Natural Japanese Panko bread crumb is a sliver shaped crumb providing a delicate crispiness. Available in multiple grind sizes for endless menu applications: Extra Large, Large, and Medium.

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Verified Non-GMO


All Natural & Trans Fat Free


Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian & Vegan


Made in the USA

Our Process, Using Traditional Japanese Methods

For over 35 years, Upper Crust Enterprises Panko has been made with a proprietary blend of high protein flour and other quality ingredients. We do not add any chemicals or preservatives, just simple ingredients. We take our time and follow traditional Japanese methods to create an Authentic Panko which tastes lighter and crispier than competitors, with a superior plate presentation and a better yield. We guarantee you will prefer our Panko with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Take the challenge and compare Upper Crust Enterprises Panko and taste what you are missing.

00120 00890749001365 ALL NATURAL Japanese Panko (00120) Extra Large 20 lb bag
00110 00890749001839 ALL NATURAL Japanese Panko (00110) Extra Large 10 lb bag
00124 00890749001655 ALL NATURAL Japanese Panko (00124) Medium 20 lb bag
00130 00890749001921 ALL NATURAL Japanese Panko (00130) Fine 30 lb bag
00120T 00890749001716 ALL NATURAL Japanese Panko - TOASTED BROWN (00120T) Extra Large 20 lb bag

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