Package Sizes for Large and Small Consumers

Upper Crust Enterprises Panko is available in multiple pack sizes perfect for your restaurant.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Upper Crust Enterprises Panko Products are available in multiple pack sizes.

  • 20 pound bag
  • 10 pound bag
  • 2-10 pound case
  • 24 oz package
  • 35lb bag (fine grind only)

Also available in Cash & Carry size 24oz bags with UPC scan code.

Recipe Suggestions

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    Enhance Taste with Texture

    Eating is an experience and taste buds can get bored if the flavor or the textures are too uniform. A dish as simple as Mac and Cheese is a perfect example of how texture influences taste. The creamy texture of the dish is great, but after a few bites, your taste buds start looking for...
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    Langosta con Relleno de Panko

    Caliente la parrilla del horno a 400°F. Use langostas vivas, parta por la mitad a lo largo. Coloquelas en una hoja para hornear y dore por 5-6 minutos hasta que la carne este opaca. Sofrie cebolla, apio, pimenton verde y rojo, ajo y Upper Crust Autentico Panko (codigo 01020) en mantequilla por 3 minutos. Baje...
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    Panko Fish Sandwich (Video)

    Panko Fish Sandwich – Cut 3 ounce portions of a firm white fish such as Pacific cod. Instead of water, use ice cold beer to make the prepared Tempura Batter (code 07230) with the consistency of a thin pancake batter. Dust fish in dry Tempura Batter mix, dip in prepared Tempura Batter, and roll in...
01020 00890749001013 Japanese Panko - Tender & Crispy bite (01020) Large 20 lb bag
01410 00890749001181 Japanese Panko - Tender & Crispy bite (01410) Large 2-10 lb bag
01620 00890749001068 Japanese Panko - Tender & Crispy bite (01620) Extra Large 20 lb bag
01010 00890749001167 Japanese Panko - Tender & Crispy bite (01010) Large 10 lb bag
00029 00890749001310 Japanese Panko - Cash & Carry Packaging (00029) Extra Large 6-24oz bags
00020 00890749001006 Japanese Panko - Crispy Bite (00020) Extra Large 20 lb bag
00420 00890749001099 Japanese Panko - Crispy Bite (00420) Medium 20 lb bag
00120 00890749001365 ALL NATURAL Japanese Panko (00120) Extra Large 20 lb bag
00110 00890749001839 ALL NATURAL Japanese Panko (00110) Extra Large 10 lb bag
00124 00890749001655 ALL NATURAL Japanese Panko (00124) Medium 20 lb bag
00130 00890749001921 ALL NATURAL Japanese Panko (00130) Fine 30 lb bag
00120T 00890749001716 ALL NATURAL Japanese Panko - TOASTED BROWN (00120T) Extra Large 20 lb bag
03310 00890749001600 Italian-Style Seasoned Panko (03310) Medium 10 lb Bag
05025 00890749001136 Panko Breadcrumbs (Crunchy bite) (05025) Medium 25 lb Bag

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