Authentic Tempura Batter Mix.
The Better Batter.

Upper Crust Enterprises extra crispy Authentic Tempura Batter Mix creates an excellent tempura which is light, lacy, and stays crispy. Our tempura batter mix has zero MSG, eggs, unnecessary flavoring, or preservatives. Simply add water to create a classic tempura batter that will contend with the best tempura in fine Japanese restaurants.

Upper Crust Enterprises Tempura Shrimp

Upper Crust Enterprises

Competitor Tempura Shrimp


Crispy Quality You Can See

Upper Crust Enterprises Extra Crispy Authentic Tempura Batter Mix is crafted by a blend of two high quality flours, salt, wheat starch, baking powder and a secret ingredient directly from Japan. Our Authentic Tempura Batter will deliver a lacier and crispier texture compared to your current batter, we guarantee it. Compare our Authentic Tempura Batter Mix and taste the difference. Your customers will appreciate it.

  • Easy to blend
  • Extra crispy, lacy texture
  • Stays crispy longer
  • Mixes with water, beer, milk, or any liquid
  • Egg-free and no MSG
Tempura Fish Tacos
Tempura Fish Tacos

Customize Your Tempura Batter

Since Upper Crust Enterprises Tempura Batter Mix is flavor neutral, it is also an excellent batter that can be mixed with any liquid for a light and crispy texture. Substitute the following liquids for water to add a signature twist to your menu:

  • Club soda
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Champagne
  • Coconut Milk
  • Buttermilk
  • Hot sauce and water



Trans-Fat & Egg Free


No Added MSG


Kosher & Halal


Made in the USA

Dual Function Tempura Batter

Our Tempura Batter creates a classic authentic tempura as well as an excellent pre-dip batter when paired with Authentic Japanese Panko bread crumbs. Try substituting your flour and egg wash dip with our Tempura Batter. It will save you cost and provide an improved finished product. We guarantee it. Also, using Tempura Batter mix as your pre-dip will allow chefs to pre-stage the coated product overnight in the refrigerator, or freeze the finished product and cook to order.

Tempura Shrimp and Vegetables

Recipe Suggestions

  • in Blog, Tempura Batter Mix Recipe Suggestions

    Tempura Fish Tacos!

    It’s rumored the birth of the Tempura Fish Taco occurred sometime in the 1930’s. Japanese fishermen docked in the Ensenada region of Mexico had the ingenious idea to marry their tempura style of fish with the ingredients available to them in Mexico. This was beginning of something awesome – Tempura Fish Tacos!. Since then chefs...
  • in Recipe Suggestions, Tempura Batter Mix Recipe Suggestions

    Tempura Fish Taco (Video)

    Tempura Fish Taco: Recipe De-glaze fish (Cod, Pollock or Halibut) by rinsing in cold water and cut in strips. Dust fish in DRY Upper Crust Tempura Batter mix (code 07230) seasoned with Lemon Pepper, and Red Pepper powder shaking off excess. Dip in prepared Tempura batter made with beer instead of water and seasoned with...
  • in Recipe Suggestions, Tempura Batter Mix Recipe Suggestions

    Fish & Chips (Video)

    Fish & Chips – Cut a firm white fish such as Pacific cod into 1 oz strips. Dust fish in dry Tempura Batter mix (code 07230), dip in prepared Tempura Batter made with water or beer, and roll in Authentic Japanese Panko (code 01020) lightly pressing into the batter. Deep fry at 350° until golden...

Request samples and let us help you bring truly authentic Panko to your restaurant.

Take the challenge, replace your standard Panko with Upper Crust Enterprises Authentic Japanese Panko and win big with your customers, we guarantee it.

Product Specifications

Available in package sizes to suit your restaurant's needs, Upper Crust Enterprises Panko has the right size for you.

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