Nama Panko means Fresh Panko

Nama Panko is Panko which has not been dried. With its larger grind size, Nama Panko provides a more delicate, signature crispy texture, and larger plate presentation. It is also free of preservatives, Non-GMO, Trans Fat free, and great for vegetarian or vegan recipes.

Available in our largest grind sizes; Large, 2X Large, and 3X Large. However, because it is fresh, the shelf life shortened. Nama Panko must be kept frozen or refrigerated and used immediately after opening. Available in 4 or 5 lb. bags and 25 lb. bulk.

Fresh Nama Panko 01916
(Fresh) Nama Panko

Use Nama Panko in All Your Applications

(Fresh) Nama Panko can be used in all applications where dry Panko is used, but provides a different quality improvement to your menu.

Pork Tonkatsu with 01916 Nama Panko
Pork Tonkatsu with fresh Nama Panko


GMO Free Panko Manufacturer


Verified Non-GMO


Kosher & Halal


Trans-Fat Free


Vegetarian & Vegan

Our Process, Using Traditional Japanese Methods

For over 35 years, Upper Crust Enterprises Panko has been made with a proprietary blend of high protein flour and other quality ingredients. We do not add any chemicals or preservatives, just simple ingredients. We take our time and follow traditional Japanese methods to create an Authentic NAMA (fresh) Panko which tastes lighter and crispier than competitors with a nice slivery shape providing superior plate presentation.

Nama Panko is produced on special order--there are higher minimum requirements, but for the customer that demands the very best Panko available, Upper Crust Enterprises Nama Panko is your best choice.

Recipe Suggestions

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    Langosta con Relleno de Panko

    Caliente la parrilla del horno a 400°F. Use langostas vivas, parta por la mitad a lo largo. Coloquelas en una hoja para hornear y dore por 5-6 minutos hasta que la carne este opaca. Sofrie cebolla, apio, pimenton verde y rojo, ajo y Upper Crust Autentico Panko (codigo 01020) en mantequilla por 3 minutos. Baje...
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    Panko Fish Sandwich (Video)

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01916 00890749001266 NAMA Japanese Panko - Tender & Crispy 3X Large 4-4 lb bags
01925 00890749001662 NAMA Japanese Panko - Tender & Crispy 2X Large 25 lb case

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