Tempura Batter  
Tempura Batter

Light & Crispy Shrimp Tempura

Versatility of Upper Crust Tempura Batter

Upper Crust Tempura Batter mix makes a great classic tempura, but is also great as a base batter you can customize. To create your own unique flavor, prepare the Tempura batter using any liquid, so instead of water try:

  • Beer
  • Club soda
  • Buttermilk
  • Coconut Milk
  • Hot sauce, or any liquid

Upper Crust Tempura batter mix has a neutral flavor so it does not overpower the natural flavor of the seafood or vegetable. To add your signature flavor, you can also add spices such as lemon pepper, Italian seasoning, or hot chile spices to bring a flavor only available at your restaurant.

Shrimp Tempura

Crispy Quality You Can See

Made with a blend of high quality flours, select ingredients, as well as a special ingredient direct from Japan, we guarantee our tempura batter will deliver a lacier and crispier texture compared to your current batter.

Tempura Fish Sticks


Dual Function Tempura Batter

Upper Crust Tempura batter is dual function. It not only creates a classic authentic tempura but also is an excellent pre-dip batter when used with Japanese Panko bread crumbs. Try replacing your flour and egg wash dip with Tempura Batter, it will save you money and provide a superior finished product. We guarantee it. Also, using tempura batter mix as your pre-dip will allow your chef to pre-stage the coasted product overnight in the refrigerator and fry to order.

Create a flavor profile all your own. Visit our Tempura Recipe Suggestions for more menu ideas using tempura batter.

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Gourmet Tempura Preparation Tips

Use cold water to prepare the batter. Chilled light beer or Club soda can be substituted. For best results keep the batter cold throughout the day by placing the tempura batter on ice or use a refrigerated batter station.

Do not over blend, lumps and air bubbles are preferred in the batter because it will provide a unique look after fried.

Oil should be heated and maintained at 350°F.

For best results, dust the food in Dry Tempura Batter Mix, shake off excess, then dip into prepared Tempura Batter and place in fryer. To add extra laciness drizzle batter on the food item, as it starts to float, while still in the fryer.

For an extra crispy coating, roll in Panko bread crumbs after the batter dip and then fry.

When using tempura batter and Panko together your staff can pre-stage the coated products and store them in the refrigerator saving you time and money.

Visit our Tempura and Panko Recipe Suggestions for more menu ideas.


Upper Crust Enterprises Panko Bread Crumbs & Tempura Batter Mix are Zero Trans Fat and Kosher Certified.


Package Sizes for Large or Small Consumers

Panko Bread Crumb Packages

  • 25 pound bag
  • 30 pound bag in box
  • 50 pound bag

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