Bring home the Truly Authentic Japanese Panko Bread Crumbs and Tempura Batter used in fine restaurants across the world.

For sale: 24oz Panko

For Sale: 24 oz Panko six-pack

For sale: 24oz Caribbean Coconut Panko For sale: 24oz Crispy Tempura Batter mix


24 oz package

Original Panko
Full case

6-24 oz packages

Caribbean Coconut Panko
2-12 oz packages

Crispy Tempura Batter mix
24 oz package

For shelf life, nutritional information or ingredient listing go to our FAQ section.

Shipped only to the Continental United States

Special offer not available in any store
Because we produce large quantities for restaurants, we pass on our production savings to you and ship to you our Authentic Japanese Panko for only $0.19 per oz plus freight.

Higher Quality Panko bread crumbs
Most grocery store Panko is small, hard and dense compared to Upper Crust Enterprises Light and Airy texture Panko – See web page Japanese Panko for a product comparison

Better Price Value
Grocery store Panko sells for $2.00 – 4.00 per 8 oz package, which is $0.29-$0.50 per oz. You can purchase Upper Crust Enterprises Authentic Panko for only $0.19 per oz that is a 50% savings.

Restaurant Quality Panko at a Better Price
This special offer is only available through the internet.

For Recipe ideas, visit our Recipe Suggestions.

Special price offer subject to change without notice

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